Illumivation was founded by Mike and Andrea Dunbar in their tiny Chicago apartment. Originally created to advance innovation in theatrical lighting, sound, & scenic design, the company quickly found its footing in industries such as marketing, retail displays, and museums in addition to professional theater and film.

As the team has grown, adding sculptors, metal fabricators, designers, and programmers, we moved from the tiny apartment to a bigger space; then from that space to our current 10,000 sq. ft. location in Chicago’s artistic Pilsen neighborhood. Now, after five years of business, we’ve developed a reputation of creating innovative designs and beautifully finished products. As a company, we are constantly looking to expand our capabilities and push clients in the new and exciting directions in OOH media, visual merchandising, theater & film, and museum displays.


OOH has always provided the opportunity for brands to disrupt the daily routine and introduce their message at the opportune time and place. Conventional OOH has suffered, however, as the proliferation of 2D billboards and ads becomes only visual noise and people ignore their messages. Experiential design steps above and provides a unique channel for people to experience and share in a message and brand.


Even in this increasingly digital world, there is still incredible value in physical retail stores and well designed visual merchandising is essential. People are looking for an experience and a retail environment is the perfect opportunity to provide a brand experience that gets the message across at the crucial point of purchase.

Theater & Film

For many on our team, theater is where we got our start. We’re excited to now have the ability to bring a full new set of resources and technology towards telling stories in a breathtaking way. Our goal is to provide new opportunities to directors and production teams with the innovative use of advanced machinery, electronics, and creative design.


If there is any industry that can fully appreciate science, it’s the museum industry. Like museums, we take the time to craft a clear, visual message with every project we take on. We account for the needs of the users with physical disabilities and ensure that people of all ages and languages can participate. Above all that though, we take the time to make sure our designs will work. Careful research, prototyping, and discussion is what accomplishes goals. It’s a science.

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